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Turnkey projects

AKSA INFRA is dedicated to the construction of residential and commercial properties. We are engaged in project planning, architectural design, construction, and complete project management for both residential and commercial sectors. Our priority is to finish the projects within the budget and time frame of our clients by doing our best in design & quality.

We design projects giving prime importance to aesthetics, highest level of comfort and sturdy construction. And this gives AKSA INFRA a leading edge over competition.

We create spaces that reflect your dreams. These spaces are meticulously planned and designed to strike an unmatched balance between quality of life and value for money.

The latest technologies and the best quality materials are used to provide quality and effective services.

Our portfolio includes:
  • Large scale residential development
  • Luxurious bungalows & apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial construction projects

Property Management

AKSA INFRA is engaged in providing quality property management solutions so that the owners can concentrate on their businesses while enjoying returns from their properties. Our service packages are cost effective and we look after your property in all respects.

Commercial Renting

AKSA INFRA helps you get a steady monthly income and maintain a low vacancy rate for your commercial property. We will first inspect the property and conduct a thorough market study to set a rental price for your property.

  • Property will be inspected and market rental values suggested
  • Advertise in local and online sources
  • Potential tenants will be searched for and property will be shown to them
  • Background check will be performed on potential tenants
  • Rental Lease agreement will be drafted and will be finalized

With our marketing strategies we increase the number of enquires and subsequently rentals ensuring great returns on your investments. Our in depth understanding of real estate market helps us in identify marketing channels which can help in increasing the project visibility.

Real Estate Advisory

Our research team has an in-depth market information about the changing trends in the real estate industry. With decisions like when to buy and where to invest, we update our clients with properties and investment opportunities that match their requirements and budget. Proper care is taken in studying the property background before offering to our clients.

We have a wide database of properties which helps us to cater to the needs of our clients.

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